Hello again!

Since our last correspondence Jaipur has kept us busy with its ceaseless cultural calendar that didn’t even pause on the warmest of the summer days. Most notably, the Jaipur Literature Festival, everyone's favourite time to crowd Jaipur, was revived for its 15th edition. A UNESCO team descended in our pink city for inspection, two years after Jaipur received the prestigious title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, sparking a much-needed conversation on conservation and preservation among Jaipiur’s intelligentsia. Lastly but not the least, we launched The Johri & Sons, our dream project at The Johri, but more on that in a minute.

Jaipur’s constant bustle or perhaps even commotion as some would call it, made it our first choice to anchor here six years ago. We were drawn, like moths, to its magnetic heritage, much like the UNESCO experts always seeking their next gem. With a lot of love and attention to detail, we’ve built our own narrative in Jaipur through our boutique hotels, 28 Kothi and The Johri at Lal Haveli, a story centered on preserving its vivid design, culture and heritage for present and future residents and travelers.

The monsoon brought brief moments of relief from summer’s action-packed months. And as I write this, we’re already on the cusp of Jaipur’s most splendid season, when festivities will peak, the markets will brim with winter’s goodness, cultural scenesters will be out and about, Jaipur will surge with visitors returning for a taste of the city or to take the decisive step to make Jaipur their home. All of this will be palpable at 28 Kothi and The Johri. We can’t wait to treat you to that famed Jaipur hospitality during what is undoubtedly our favourite time of the year.

PS: Jaipur peacocks are particularly buoyant during the monsoon and shy come winter. But around 28 Kothi and The Johri, you may still spot one in full flamboyance.

Founder - Honar Group